Action Menu System [Radial Menu]
Action Menu System [Radial Menu]
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Action Menu System [Radial Menu]


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Gives your server a functional all-in-one menu for handling animations, props, walking styles and job actions.


This menu provides you the most intuitive way to access loads of actions quickly and remember them for repeated use.

Inspired by games like Starcraft where quick access is a must.

It will mark your favorite actions in muscle memory in no time by creating name based combos.



type [B][E][A] to arrest someone
type [B][E][C] to pull someone out of a car
type [E][D][D] to walk like a drunk
type [S][S][A] to hold a cigar

The Action Menu makes sure all combos can be done by your left hand, keeping your right hand on the mouse.

Furthermore, the Action Menu is completely configurable.

Adding your own animations/actions/etc is a breeze compared to other systems.


Comes standard with esx_mechanicjob, esx_ambulancejob and esx_policejob actions added (config option to disable for non-esx users).

Action Menu System [Radial Menu]

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11 reviews for Action Menu System [Radial Menu]

  1. euzuvamihoxub

    hmmm good for accessory thanks

  2. eatuwefoxijix

    this is work on esx i test on esx its works fine

  3. ozuxokohihin

    Nice optimizing, best performance for my server

  4. aicaheejigo

    useful features also easy figure thanks

  5. opatucaduyyuf

    Helpful menu, great job

  6. ibuputexo

    Works fine

  7. iyezacoreq

    My friend has bought it , very nice

  8. ibanohexaxow

    Best menu for fivem server i just bought it and figure it

  9. GlennWiply

    Thanks for your scripts best customer support

  10. Taps502 (verified owner)


  11. Taps502 (verified owner)

    This website is a best store for fivem, thanks

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