Parkour & Free Running System V1 [Standalone]

Original price was: $27.00.Current price is: $22.00.

Parkour & Free Running System V1 [Standalone] $27.00 Original price was: $27.00.$22.00Current price is: $22.00.

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100% Open Source Parkour script for FiveM servers Features: A lot of animations (wall running, flips, tic tac and more) that dynamicly interact with the environment No need to pre-configure Ready client event for use with your UI Customizable localization and key mapping Standalone (You can use it with any framework) Advanced landing system. The landing animation changes dynamically depending on whether the character is running or walking All controls can be changed. As default ones I chose the ones that I found convenient Default controls: All controls can be changed Q — Tic Tac / Wall flip. Depending on the character’s position LALT — Parkour elements to overcome obstacles, triggered randomly (like monkey, dash, etc.) F — Wall run up to climb high obstacles LCTRL — Slide, animations are also randomized E (In motion) — Twist flip / front flip. Triggered randomly E (Standing still) — Back flip LALT (Standing still) — Back flip to the side SPACE — Horizontal wall run. Depending on the character’s position Some tricks only work when running/moving/sprinting.


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