Inventory Hud V23 [NoPixel Inspired]


Inventory Hud V23 [NoPixel Inspired] | FiveM Store
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Inventory Hud V23

– Container Items Sub-inventories can be created from container items, allowing items like a “paper bag” to act as a container to other food items. Simply use a configured item to open the sub-inventory. – Crafting The inventory UI contains a crafting panel, where your players can combine other items to create something new. The recipes for the crafting UI are easily configurable. – Minigame A simple minigame is included with the inventory UI, slotting nicely between existing elements, allowing the minigame to be played while the inventory UI is open. – Shops The inventory contains a shop UI capable of buying and selling items. These are easily set up through the config. – Item Degradation Items contain a quality property, allowing them to be degraded into other items over time. Config options exist to disable this, and items each have a modifier to speed or slow the process for each individual item. – Hotbar Keybinds 1-5 have been disabled for use with the inventory. Any item occupying these inventory slots will be assigned a hotkey, and the player can “use” the item by pressing the specified hotkey. For weapons, this will equip and unequip the weapon. – Weapons as Items Weapons are displayed in the inventory as items. The inventory is capable of carrying multiple weapons of the same type per container without consequence. – Accounts as Items Accounts are displayed in the inventory as items. You can configure which ESX account you want to display in the inventory (default are cash and black money). – Simple Usage Simple to use exports, and example documentation for each export. No convoluted mess required just to support this inventory in your script.

Inventory Hud V23

Inventory Hud V23 [NoPixel Inspired] | FiveM Store


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