Drug System V27 [Weed Plant][ESX/QB]

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Drug System V27 [Weed Plant][ESX/QB] $17.00 Original price was: $17.00.$12.00Current price is: $12.00.

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100% Open Source When the player uses the female seed item in a region allowed in the config file, it will plant weed. The size of Weed varies according to the current growth. If the player is close to a planted weed, “Get Information” will be displayed above the weed. By using the E key, he can open the information and operations window. Information such as current growth, amount of water, and gender of weed will be displayed in the window. For the plant to grow stably, the player needs to add water to the weed. (item required). It can fertilize weed with the H key. This will contribute to the growth rate. (item required). You can change the sex of the plant by using the G key. (item required). female weed gives you 4 to 7 “Weeds”. A male weed will give you between 6 and 9 female seeds to grow your field (only female seeds can be planted). All players can access the weed planted by a player. Even if the player who planted the weed leaves the game, weed will continue to grow. If the server is turned off and then on again, the weeds will exist in their final form. Fully databased and synchronized. Police players can destroy weeds by setting them on fire. Therefore, in order to prevent your weeds from being stolen and found by the police, you should plant your weeds in the invisible garden of your house or in places only you know. Features

  • Can Works With Infınıty
  • Fully Open Source
  • Very Extended Config File
  • Fully Optimized ServerSide – 0.01 MS(Tested With 890 Plants E-2629 4 Cores)
  • Fully Optimized ClientSide – Deactive : 0.01 MS Active : 0.05 MS(I5 10400K)
  • The Plant Grows Every Time the Server is up
  • Plants are not deleted even if the server is turned off and on
  • All known abuse fixed
  • There is no limit to the growth rate. You can do 10 billion years if you want.


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