Builder Job System V5 [Asphalt Guardians][Construction Job][ESX]

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Builder Job System V5 [Asphalt Guardians][Construction Job][ESX] $23.00 Original price was: $23.00.$18.00Current price is: $18.00.

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100% Open Source Step into the shoes of the city’s unsung heroes – the Asphalt Guardians. Your mission? To ensure the safety and maintenance of Los Santos roads. But this job isn’t your typical 9-to-5 – it’s a thrilling adventure that will let you directly impact the dynamic roleplays happening all around the city! What is Asphalt Guardians? Asphalt Guardians is a revolutionary FiveM script product that introduces a unique and interactive job opportunity. No longer will you be a mere spectator in the vast world of roleplay; you will be an active participant, shaping the city’s landscape and influencing the roleplays of countless citizens! What sets Asphalt Guardians apart? Dynamic Road Maintenance: Embrace your role as a dedicated road repair specialist. Throughout the city, roads will degrade over time, creating potholes, cracks, and other issues. Your expertise will be required to fix these problems promptly. Traffic Control: Your actions directly impact the flow of traffic. As you close off roads for “maintenance,” drivers will have to find alternate routes, leading to realistic detours and exciting interactions between players. City-wide Roleplay Impact: Your dedication to road repair will have ripple effects on various roleplays across the map. Criminals might exploit roadblocks, emergency services might face challenges, and citizens will have to adapt to the changing road conditions. Career Progression: Climb up the ranks from a novice pothole filler to a respected Road Management Supervisor. The more roads you fix, the more your reputation will grow, and the greater influence you’ll have on the city’s infrastructure. Endless Engagement: With the ever-changing nature of road maintenance and its impact on roleplays, you’ll find endless possibilities for exciting encounters, unexpected events, and unforgettable moments. How to get started? Join Asphalt Guardians today and immerse yourself in a world where the roads you fix become the catalysts for unforgettable roleplaying experiences. Whether you want to be the hero who opens up a critical escape route for law enforcement or the villain who strategically disrupts the city’s traffic for a daring heist, the choice is yours! Take up your tools, put on your reflective vest, and let’s hit the road together! Asphalt Guardians await your presence in the ever-evolving streets of our beloved city! Features: Create as Many works as you want; Set which and how many objects are needed for each job. Set the times to reach the routes. Give rewards based on the difficulty of the created jobs. Pre-configured with 5 jobs (edit the rewards and times to your liking). All Items/props are customizable and positions can be changed All changes can be made trough the Config File, and you have a Shared file on client and server to edit some functions as your liking


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