Weapon Full System V2 [Magazines] [Attachments][Multiple Ammo]


Weapon Full System V2 [Magazines] [Attachments][Multiple Ammo] | FiveM Store
Weapon Full System V2 [Magazines] [Attachments][Multiple Ammo] $15.00 $10.00

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Weapon Full System V2 Weapon Full System V2

[Explanation] This script allows you to: Carry multiple weapons on your inventory by turning them into items; Use different types of ammo for each weapon; Equip and unequip weapon components; It works with any inventory. The notifications aren’t included. [Functionality] To equip a weapon you just need to use it in your inventory. To get it back to your inventory you just need to type “saveweapon”. When you save your weapon, if it had components equipped, all their components will get back to your inventory, the same will happen with bullets. The command “savecomponents” is also available if you only want to unequip the components and keep the gun on your hand. You are able to set if you want to directly load your weapon when you use the ammo box or if you want to get bullets in your inventory as an item. When you choose to get the bullets as an item in your inventory you are able to choose how many bullets each type of ammo box gives you on the config file. You are able to choose if you want an ammo box to load only the clip size of the weapon, or the number set on the config file. If you already have a weapon equipped and you try to equip the same weapon again it won’t let you, preventing the weapon from being lost. If the weapon is loaded at the maximum (250 bullets) it won’t let you equip more ammo in it, preventing bullets/ammo boxes from being lost. For a better explanation, you can check the configuration file below. List of available components: Suppressor; Flashlight; Grip; Scope; Yusuf; Extended Clip. List of available ammo: .45 ACP (for Pistols); 9mm (for Pistols and SMG’s); 40x46mm (for Grenade Launchers); Gauge 12 (for Shotguns); 5.56 (for Rifles); 7.62 (for Rifles and Heavy Weapons); .308 (for Snipers); Rockets (for Rocket Launcher); Fireworks (for Firework Launcher and Flare Gun).

Weapon Full System V2

Weapon Full System V2 [Magazines] [Attachments][Multiple Ammo] | FiveM Store


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