VehicleShop System V13 [CarShop][Dealership][Standalone]



The best vehicle shop so far. Unique UI, custom features and highly optimized. This vehicle shop is not like any other vehicle shops out there, This vehicle shop will give you the most convenient option to purchase vehicles with a variety of advanced options never seen before! Features ● AUTOMATIC SHOP: Each buyer will have the option to set how they want the store to be running, they can choose for the store to be fully automated or managed by a player with a job. ● STOCK: Each vehicle in the store will have a limited inventory of times they can buy it that will be reset daily. (the days and the number of units of the vehicle will be configurable) ● TEST DRIVE: Before buying the vehicle, the player will be allowed to take a test ride in the vehicle he plans to buy, the player will be charged a pre-determined amount of money and will be allotted a pre-determined time for the test ride ● INSPECT: This option allows the buyer (player) to rotate the vehicle and look at it from any angle, and zoom in and zoom out the camera. ● COLOR CHOICE: Before buying the car, the player will be able to choose the color of the car, (the colors will be predefined, it will be possible to change and add more colors) ● OPTIMIZED: The script will not take more than 0.01 MS effort when you are not near the vehicle store.

VehicleShop System V13 [CarShop][Dealership][Standalone]
VehicleShop System V13 [CarShop][Dealership][Standalone] $50.00 $30.00

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VehicleShop System V13

VehicleShop System V13 [CarShop][Dealership][Standalone]
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