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OPEN SOURCE Version An advanced taxi job with UI built with react and chakra. Whether your a king of the street navigation or just broke and looking for some extra cash, with our taxi job. You can work your way up through the levels to earn bigger and better rewards. With 130 different NPC models, over 2000 names and over 900 unique points, this creates the possibility for thousands of unique experiences. Fully Responsive interface created with REACT and Chakra UI. UI is draggable. meaning your players can decide where they would like it. Fully synced between players. Fares/jobs are also synced so players can take your fares and vice versa. Progression system for drivers, define rewards for each level in the config. Integrates seamlessly with OT Skills. Configure multiple taxi offices. Possibility for tens of thousands of unique routes, 130 + different NPC models and over 2000 names, all randomised per route to make each experience unique Will work with any framework if setup. all framework related functions are open-source. (Pre-configured to support ESX and QB and OX) Extremely optimised. (0.00-0.02ms on both server and client) Locales for translation purposes Dependencies: ox_lib oxmysql

1 review for Taxi Job System V1 [Standalone]

  1. Eunice (verified owner)

    Great item! It provides too many things compared to its price charged.

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