Taco Job System V3 [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]


Taco Job System V3 [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired] | FiveM Store
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Taco Job System V3

Taco Job System is a simple job where you will go in and prepare food & drinks for any of your customers, it only includes Tacos, Churros, Beer, and Drinks atm (soda/water), but is VERY easy to customize to add more of your choosing. Also, the Churros once consumed will make you run faster for a duration, and drinking the beer will give you a very, very drunk effect. The script comes with a fully functioning NUI Cash Register to use, and charge your customers for their meals. On the Cash Register (Point of Sales Machine, Whatever you want to call it) at the top will be the TOTAL EARNINGS that the company has made in the shift (since server restart) Since most people use a ton of different inventories, you will have to just trade the food to your player or come up with a way for them to get the food from you yourself, as it’s too much of a monumental task to design something with everyones inventories in mind. If you use an inventory capable of using Stash’s, you can just create one on the counter of the map to put the food in if you’re unable to trade to players directly, and they can grab it out.

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Taco Job System V3

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