Qbus Tequilala Job V1


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Full support for the base game interior
Added teleport for easy access to top bar
Full support for Hassaric’s Tequilala MLO:
Clock in systems
Every single chair usable
All menus are built in qb-menu
32 new items
Payment system built in
Payments go straight to Tequilala’s society account accessible through the bossmenu
Every successful payment gives everyone with the job, and who is on duty, a receipt that can be cashed in at the pacific bank only by employee’s
Added custom emotes to be used with dpemotes
These use a lot of animations and models from the LATEST dlc.
New Instrument Emotes
Alcohol Prop Emotes
Alcohol effects

Qbus Tequilala Job V1

Qbus Tequilala Job V1 | FiveM Store


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