QBCore RolePlay Server V3


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Qbus RolePlay Server V3

Mode : New QBUS

Scripts : All Custom QBUS  / 0 Bug / High  Optimized HD / Private FiveM-Store

Maps : VIP / Optimized / No Drop

Vehicles : NoPixel Vehicle / Optimized / No Drop

High FPS Texture / High Quality Performance / +100 FPS / +150 Slot

Enjoy 🙂


This server does not rely on the standard ESX triggers like 99.9% of the servers. This means when the script kiddies attempt to inject LUA mods within your world, they will be slapped in the face with the ban hammer! We have ensured our Anti-cheat will keep you safe for years to come!

XP & Crafting:
crafting can be used by finding items around the world and using them to build items, for example you could craft a trojan USB to rob the bank or perhaps a machine gun! The XP system works on jobs,players & crafting! adds an extra RP experience and offers rewards to those who put in the hours.

Custom Housing & Motels:
Your players can live in any house within the world! & place custom furniture anywhere in the house! we also offer motels to allow citizens with not much cash to have somewhere safe to store there shit! garages work great on top of this!

Custom Car Dealer Job:
The car dealer job is fantastic and a true RP experience for your players. You will be able to have cars on display with prices, also a full car finance system and automated repossessions.. the car sales man can perform test drives.. and even swap the cars on display for other models.

Multiple Characters:
your players can use up to 5 characters to help engage your players with RP and allow more roles to be used by each citizen.

Custom Jobs:
jobs from bus driver to tow truck driver, this is not ESX so things like tailor,fueler etc do not exists here within this world!

Cars & Maps
The server comes with plenty of maps, we have not added any cars to the world to ensure it remains optimized for hundreds of players, but you do get the 200x free car pack with the order.

QBCore RolePlay Server V3

QBCore RolePlay Server V3 | FiveM Store QBCore RolePlay Server V3

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  1. Morton (verified owner)

    Think everyone should know about this, it’s just beyond my expectations

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