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Qbus Hen House Job V1 13.70 9.13

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71 qb-target interactable locations
Every one of the 51 Seats are now usable
All 6 tables can have items stored on them (using named stashes)
Bar Counter to pass drinks to people
All menus are built in qb-menu
40 new items
18 New Alcoholic Drinks
1 Non-Alcoholic Drink
11 New Foods
Payment system built in
Payments go straight to HenHouses society account accessible through the bossmenu
Every successful payment gives everyone with the job, and who is on duty, a receipt that can be cashed in at the pacific bank only by employee’s
The systems can easily be edited such as the Fridge Stores can be changed to Stashes and the ingredients and such can be added to general stores or something. You can remove the ticket system alltogether and rely on your own payment systems, Its up to you.

UPDATE v1.6:

Optimzation update
Script now uses polyzones and better loops to lower idle times
Runs at 0.00ms idle

UPDATE v1.5:

Payment systems removed/changed in favour
Add this script to your server and payment systems will work as normal with extra features
This change removes events from client.lua and server.lua
Added item checkmarks to qb-menu’s to show if you have the required items or not
Changed seat variable name in chairs.lua to reduce conflicts with my other scripts
Fix for restarting script messing up clockin status when debugging
Added tray prop to counter to help locate easier
Adjusted Bar stool seating locations

UPDATE v1.4:

Cleanup of Menus
QoL fixes to chairs
Drinks Fridge in Kitchen usable
Added Chopping Board to counter for cocktail making
New Drinks Added
Custom Emotes
New Shared.lua layout used, items will need to be re-added
New Icons for a couple items

UPDATE v1.3:

Cleanup and re-organisation of code and files
Removed NUI for payment system (you can delete html folder now)
Moved chair config to chair.lua, everything related to seating is here now.
New Payment system, using QB-Input and QB-Phone’s invoice system
Commission per sale becomes possible by editing qb-phones config.
Ticket system is optional, but easy to add
New Varibable Config.MinAmountforTicket, this determines the minimum amount needed to get a receipt for payment
QoL fixes

UPDATE v1.2:

Full Re-write of the seating code, if updating from v1.1 you only need to replace config.lua and chairs.lua

UPDATE v1.1:

Fixed Notifcations going to the person paying but not the employees
Fixed qb-target naming, it was requiring items rather than using their name to give the item
Moved the bank receipt payments amount to the config under “Config.PayPerTicket” to be easier to find
Clock-in system more in-use, making food and drinks requires being clocked in, go too far from the building and it clocks you out. This helps reduce abuse to the ticket system. Distance can be changed in the config under “Config.ClockOutDist”

Qbus Hen House Job V1

Qbus Hen House Job V1 | FiveM Store

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