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Support for Gabz CatCafe MLO
A Total of 23 qb-target enabled locations
A total of 19 cats added, these can be changed / added fairly easily
Petting the cats relieves stress and heals for 2hp (can be edited in config)
A total of 46 qb-target enabled chair locations
All menus are built in qb-menu
All trays on the counters are stashes so you can use them to pass food
38 new items
8 new drinks
1 new alcoholic drink
21 New Foods
Payment system built in
Successful payments go straight to CatCafe’s society account accessible through the bossmenu
Clock-in System so that if people go too far from the shops, they are automatically clocked out
This stops abuse of clocking in, and getting pay tickets while not in the area
Every successful payment gives everyone with the job, and who is on duty, a receipt that can be cashed in at the pacific bank only by employee’s
Food can’t be accessed and payments can’t be made by employee if not clocked in

UPDATE v.1.3.1:

Fixed crafting calling on a nil value
Fixed Cash Register not working
Fixed watermelon from beanmachine being required

UPDATE v1.3:

Optimizations all over
Now uses polyzone to get clockout distance
Chairs.lua updated to be more optimized and now detect when someones already sat in that seat.
Script runs a 0.0ms idle now
Menus use crafting recipes and have inventory images built in
Cash Register popup shows CatCafe Logo now

UPDATE v1.2:

Payment systems removed/changed in favour
Add this script to your server and payment systems will work as normal with extra features
This change removes events from client.lua and server.lua
Fixed typo in a hand washing qb-target location
Several QoL fixes I’ve lost track of
Removed doubled up cat from ledge near staff door
Rearranged qb-menu layout
Added item checkmarks to qb-menu’s to show if you have the required items or not
This adds changes to client.lua
Changed seat variable name in chairs.lua to reduce conflicts with my other scripts
After many arguements, people prefer to PET the cat not PAT the cat.
Fixed item requirements/removal. Messed up mochi ingredients all using mint
Added missing item, the orange.
Consumable info now stored in the shared’s item info

UPDATE v1.1:

Cat Fixes/Updates
Added 6 cats that wander (they are dumb/blind and sometimes get stuck in corners)
Cats have no collision so you can walk through them (this is to stop people pushing them into corners and such)
ONLY sleeping cats can be petted to relieve stress (for now)
Added new food preparation location, the Hob/Stove next to the ovens
These are for noodles and soups
New Food Items:
Bowl of Ramen
Bowl of Noodles
Paw Cakes (Pancakes)
Kitty Pizza (Pizza)
Cat Cake Pop (Cake Lolly Pops)
Purrito (Burrito)
New Drink Item:
Mocha Meow (Mocha Drink)
New Ingredient:
Instant Noodles
Complete rewrite of the payment system, now using qb-menu and qb-phone
Tickets are still obtainable through this change
Added a minimum amount to get receipts, to stop possible $1 exploits
If someone tries to make a payment less than this amount, no one will get a receipt. If its over this amount it will work as usual
This is based on the amount set in config.lua with Config.MinAmountforTicket
This should, in theory be set to the cheapest product you are selling.
Couple of QoL fixes

Qbus Cat Coffee Job V2

Qbus Cat Coffee Job V2 | FiveM Store


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