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Welcome to the Complete Package for an Exceptional City!

This product is designed for those who aspire to have a well-developed city right from the start. With the latest updates and a highly optimized server, we’ve dedicated special attention to give it a unique style as far as possible.

By acquiring this product, you will get:
An optimized server running on the qb-core framework.
A variety of legal and illegal factions for a diverse experience.
Numerous thrilling hobbies for players to enjoy.
Customized jobs that offer limitless entertainment to players.
Various shops to buy and sell everything you need.
An exclusive car dealership featuring luxurious and standard vehicles.
A drug manufacturing system, where you can control the market!
An exciting weapon crafting system to personalize your arsenal.
Over 2 GB of stunning maps that bring the city to life.
A pack of add-on vehicles to add style and variety.
A comprehensive property, business, garage, and job company purchasing system to increase your wealth.
Immerse yourself in the realism of being a trucker, inspired by EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR.
Customize the HUD to your preferences and needs, both for the server owner and players.
Receive alerts for important events with our dispatch system, stay informed at all times.
Use the MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) connected to the dispatch system, facilitating police management and communication.
Enjoy hunting animals and selling their skins, adding a unique survival experience.
Participate in thrilling heists at Flecca, Pacific Bank, and jewelry stores – plan the perfect robbery!
Experience real-time drug sales between NPCs, delving into the clandestine drug trade.
Includes the GKS Phone, an essential tool for communication and organization in the city.
Enjoy a user-friendly chat system for smooth interaction between players.
Access a wide range of administrative tools, including Admin Menu, Reporting System, and Commands for Administrative Groups.
Benefit from banks and ATMs, managing your finances conveniently in the city.
Simplify payments and debts between players with the billing system.
DMV School.

Immerse yourself in this unique experience and let your city shine with this complete and exclusive package! Become part of the community that enjoys a well-developed city filled with thrilling adventures. It’s time to start your grand story in this exceptional virtual world!

QBCore Roleplay Server V46

QBCore Roleplay Server V46 | FiveM StoreQBCore Roleplay Server V46


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