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There is our unique server with high-end quality of scripts. Its probably the best server you can ever get, with the newest HUD, the best and highest quality mobile phone, completely new radial menu also we will get Gang Maps and Gang Locations. This is my own server which I use myself and which I have set up alone from the beginning until now. There is a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of courage, a lot of energy and a lot of suffering behind it. I did more than I wanted and ended up with more than I wanted

I have been working about 1 Year now to produce the best QBCore Server with full Advanced Scripts and 100% Bugless. We have updated all scripts and made them to the best without any bugs. A fully functioning & optimized QBCore Server with Ultimate Scripts ready to install on your own Server.

You can change everything in your likeness! In the configs you have all options to change positions, languages, payments etc. The Server is full optimized and everything we did was with a plan. You have a Readme.txt explained step by step how to setup correctly the server without doing anything wrong. Also you have all Readme documentations in the resources where you are free to change everything in your own likeness.

QBCore Roleplay Server V39

QBCore Roleplay Server V39 | FiveM Store QBCore Roleplay Server V39


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