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É a terceira vez que compro aqui. Estou feliz por eles terem um ótimo suporte, acabei de abrir meu servidor FiveM.Jennifer G.Descubra o kit
Como se manter atualizado durante interrupções do FiveM | Loja FiveM

Como se manter atualizado durante interrupções do FiveM

Staying updated during FiveM outages is crucial for both server administrators and players. FiveM, a popular modification for Grand Theft Auto V, enables users to play on customized multiplayer servers. However, like any online service, it sometimes experiences outages. This article provides strategies to stay informed and minimize the impact of these interruptions, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

Understanding FiveM Outages

Before diving into how to stay updated, it’s essential to understand what causes FiveM outages. They can result from various factors, including server maintenance, updates, technical glitches, or external issues like DDoS attacks. Recognizing the nature of an outage can help in finding the right information and setting realistic expectations for resolution.

Canais Oficiais

The first and most reliable source of information during a FiveM outage is the official FiveM channels. The FiveM team frequently updates their community through various platforms:

  • Twitter: Follow FiveM on Twitter for real-time updates and announcements regarding outages and maintenance.
  • FiveM Forums: The forums are a great place to find detailed information and updates. They also serve as a platform to discuss issues with the community and the developers.
  • Página de estado: FiveM’s official status page provides live updates on server status, including ongoing outages or maintenance work.

Recursos da Comunidade

Beyond official channels, the FiveM community offers a wealth of resources for staying updated during outages:

  • Discord Servers: Join FiveM-related Discord servers. These communities often have dedicated channels for outage discussions and can be a quick way to get updates or find workarounds.
  • Reddit: The FiveM subreddit is another place where players and server admins share information and updates about outages.

Preparing for Outages

Preparation can significantly mitigate the impact of FiveM outages. Here are some tips:

  • Planos de backup: Have a backup server or a list of alternative servers to join during outages. This ensures you can still enjoy GTA V multiplayer gameplay.
  • Mantenha-se informado: Regularly check FiveM’s official channels and community resources for any pre-announced maintenance or updates that could lead to outages.
  • Comentários: If you encounter a bug or issue, report it through the appropriate channels. Your feedback can help the FiveM team address problems more quickly.


FiveM outages can be frustrating, but staying informed can greatly alleviate their impact. By utilizing official channels, engaging with the community, and preparing in advance, players and server administrators can navigate these interruptions more smoothly. Remember, the FiveM team and the community are always working towards minimizing downtime and improving the overall experience.

Perguntas Frequentes:

How long do FiveM outages usually last?

The duration of a FiveM outage can vary widely depending on the cause. While some are resolved within a few hours, others might take longer. Always check the official channels for the most accurate information.

Can I still play GTA V single-player during a FiveM outage?

Yes, FiveM outages do not affect your ability to play the single-player mode of GTA V.

Is there a way to automatically receive updates about FiveM outages?

Yes, you can set up notifications on platforms like Twitter or Discord to alert you when FiveM posts an update. Additionally, subscribing to the FiveM status page can provide email notifications.

What should I do if I discover a bug that might cause an outage?

If you encounter a bug, report it through the FiveM forums or their official Discord server. Providing detailed information can help the development team address the issue more efficiently.

By staying proactive and informed, you can ensure that FiveM outages cause minimal disruption to your gaming experience. Engaging with both official channels and the community is key to staying updated and overcoming any challenges that arise.

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