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VehicleShop System V10 + Showroom MLO [CarShop][Dealership][Extended][Simulator][Standalone]
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VehicleShop System V10 + Showroom MLO [CarShop][Dealership][Extended][Simulator][Standalone]


Extended dealership simulator (Player owned dealerships) – This script allows you to buy any dealership in your city; – By default, it comes configured 4 dealerships (bikes, off-road, normal cars, super cars), containing all GTA V vehicles (400+ vehicles); – You can easily add or remove any dealer, or any vehicle there; – Each dealership in the city can have a different owner, so you can set up infinite buyable locations; – Extremely configurable script, all values ​​can be easily changed in a well explained configuration file; – Well optimized and without bugs; A Dealership owner can: – Import vehicles to stock your own dealership; – Export vehicles to sell the unsold vehicles from stock; – See the full list of vehicles available on this dealership; – Set a custom price for each vehicle; – See custom requests: 1. Buy used vehicles request: When customer wants to sell his vehicle to dealership, the customer set a custom price and the owner can accept or decline pay this price to buy the vehicle; 2. Import vehicles request: When customer wants to import a vehicle when the stock is 0, the customer set a custom price and the owner can accept or decline receive this money import the vehicle; – See a bank page, there has some graphs with useful information about your finances; – Hire real players to work in his dealership, the employees can do the import/export jobs and can accept/decline requests; An Employee can: – Use boss money to fulfill dealership requests; – Do delivery runs for the boss to stock the dealership; – Export old stock onto a tow-able trailer, to AI – to make little profit on unbought cars; A Customer can: – Buy vehicles (when has stock); – Pay a custom price to import a vehicle when stock is 0; – Preview vehicles in spots around the dealership, but the car is not stealable; – Start a test-drive or buy the previewed vehicle; – Sell his used vehicle for a % (when there is no owner in this dealership); – Create a sell request for a custom price (when the dealership is owned by someone); – Vehicles are categorized and easy to see, and has a filter to easily find the vehicles; A huge dealership system with a lot of functions and a nice UI On This System MLO included you can use MLO Too

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