Qbus VehicleShop V1 [CarShop][Dealership]


Qbus VehicleShop V1 [CarShop][Dealership]
Qbus VehicleShop V1 [CarShop][Dealership] $20.00 $15.00

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Qbus VehicleShop V1

Custom Qbus vehicle shop involving vehicle finance and comissioned sales. Script replaces qb-moneysafe to create a place for the comission to go and qb-ocassions as a minor tweak to stop people from being able to sell their financed vehicle and get it back. Features Vehicle financing at 15% increments over 7 installments, available at both dealerships. Automatic installment payments even if player is offline. Cardealers earn a 20% comission on each sale they make (custom dealership only) Cars with outstanding payments cannot be sold at PDM or Occasions to eliminate exploits Custom interface at both dealerships


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