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Paintball System V2
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Paintball System V2



So, if you’re too lazy to click the video (WHY!!) Here it is in text format. * Play Paintball – That is all. But no, seriously. * Team Based – It’s Team-based Paintball. Play with as many people as you want (You can set the max on a team in the Config). * Use a Paintball Gun/Bullet – Uh yep, gun/bullet included. * Different Arenas – By default, 4 Arenas are included in the Config. But you choose to add UP TO 17 Of this kind FOR FREE! and over 30 if you include the other kinds, FOR FREE! So no getting stale playing the same map, over and over again. Now, that is pretty much it. In the future, I will be making changes to the paintball bullets so they’ll act more like paintball.. bullets, but for now they shoot pretty straight. It’s One-Hit Elimination, also in the future I’ll let you decide how many hits you’d like people to be able to take before being eliminated! Currently the script uses bt-target for the PED interaction, Later today I’ll update this post and add the non-bt target version (Which will just use ugly draw text, gross).

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