Miner Job V9


Miner Job V9
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* Mine – Head on up towards the quarry and talk to the Quarry Boss to get the trucks to dump your rock load for you. Once you’ve spoken to him, head into the quarry and search out the rocks to begin breaking.
— Using bt-target you will interact with the rocks, with pickaxe in hand you’ll shatter them down into itty bitty stones. (Change the amount you get via the Config.)

* Process – Once you’ve gathered enough stones to begin processing (10 stones by default, change this in the Config.) head towards the processing machine also located in the quarry, near where you just mined the rocks and toss some stones in.
— After a short while, the stones will be crushed into smaller rocks/dust, with the odd chance of getting an uncutgem (More on this later).
— Change the % Chance to get a Gem, as well as how much crushedstone you get via the Config.

* Smelt – Once you’ve aquired enough crushed stone, you’ll head on down to the Metal Works, where you’ll toss your stone/dust into a heated vat where it’ll be stripped away of impurities and you’ll be given the materials of your choice
–Add them in the Config, currently has Copper/Iron/Gold by Default, but you can add as many as you want.

* Sell – Now that you have your metals, head to the construction site on Alta to sell your hard earned product to the Material Trader who will use them at the construction site. Any material that you added to the loot table (Via the Config) will automatically be sold here, no editing required.

Now, onto the Gems.

* Gem Appraisal – Take your uncut gems to the Jewelry Store and interact with the NPC located smack dab in the middle to have him take a look at your Gems, a brief NUI will pop up indicating what the Gemstone was, and then you’ll be given the item.

* Sell Gems Conveniently located right at the same NPC, you can offer up your gems and he will take them off your hands. EVERY Gem that is sold to this NPC is stored serverside, in a safe THAT IS ROBBABLE.

* Rob the Safe – Yep. So everytime a player sells gems to the above NPC, they are stored into a Safe that is located inside the office of the Jewelry store. Interact with it and play out the minigame, and upon success you will be given every. single. gem. that was sold to the NPC Since the server/script started.
— Police are notified when the hack is commenced, and once it has begun, the NPC who buys your gems will NO LONGER buy ANY gems until the cooldown period of the safe has gone by.
— You can still do appraisals, but otherwise, no $$$.

Miner Job V9


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