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MeTi AntiCheat
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MeTi AntiCheat


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MeTi AntiCheat

-=[ Version: 6.8 ]=-
+ AntiCheat (AntiInvincible,AntiInfiniteAmmo, etc….)
+ AntiGodmode
+ AntiManipulation
+ AntiChatSpam
+ AntiNuke
+ AntiSpectate
+ AntiBlips
+ AntiMenu Injection
+ PlayerProtection (FIRE AND EXPLOSIONS)(this only protect your players from being damaged by explosions or fire)
+ AntiKey (BlacklistedKeys)
+ AntiBlacklistedCmds
+ AntiBlacklistedWeapons
+ AntiBlacklistedWeaponsKick
+ AntiTriggerEvent (+ Custom)
+ Bypass
+ Admin Menu!!!
+ ClearArea
+ ETC……

Prevent (All Executors)


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12 reviews for MeTi AntiCheat

  1. Avatar for obnzqjjhcs


    Lol i love your shop its best anticheat on world

  2. Avatar for Ramon


    Great Anti-Cheat, Ty

  3. Avatar for opuwoyaqidzig


    i bought some scripts from you, today i bought this and its so great!

  4. Avatar for ifelebizqiya


    Nice usage its best

  5. Avatar for epaliqeak


    Good i like the codes

  6. Avatar for iyiyedeqcomi


    its works on my server 🙂

  7. Avatar for ivehgoye


    Thank you meti

  8. Avatar for oxafafef


    I recommended to buy because it is fully features

  9. Avatar for irawoahamorge


    it is block lua executors!!

  10. Avatar for itekuxo


    I love your anticheat meti

  11. Avatar for onahawjonucuv


    It is a good anticheat for fivem server

  12. Avatar for ogatevolus


    Nice AntiCheat

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