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Mechanic Job V1
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Mechanic Job V1



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Mechanic Job V1

Ownable Mechanic Shops:

  • Players can purchase mechanic shop and operate them.
  • Add as many shops on the map in config.
  • Configurable price, menu-pos, storage, workbench, lift(s) etc. for each mechanic shop.
  • Players can rename mechanic shop, manage employees, manage account or sell the shop.

Employment System:

  • Integrated an employment system.
  • Mechanic shop owner, can hire, fire and promote/derank employees.
  • All mechanics have the “same” job in database, however owner can adjust job-grade and that means the salary.
  • Forget about adding 27 mechanic jobs in database for each mechanic shop :partying_face:

Storage System:

  • Integrated a storage system.
  • Mechanics hired in the specific mechanic shop, can access the storage.
  • Deposit or withdraw items.
  • All code related to storage is available, in-case u want to integrate InventoryHUD (not supported by DEFAULT).

Workbench / Crafting:

  • Integrated a workbench/crafting menu for mechanics.
  • Set required materials for each craftable part in config.
  • You can easily add more craftable parts in config.

Vehicle Body Repairs:

  • Mechanics raise a vehicle on a jack (requires item in inventory).
  • Afterwards they analyze the vehicle, to get a body-damage-report.
  • Then they use inventory item parts, such as doors, hood, trunk & wheels, to fix the broken/missing parts.
  • Added really nice prop-emotes and synced very well.
  • When body is 100% repaired, vehicle is lowered from the jack again.

Vehicle Health/Engine Repairs:

  • Mechanics raise a vehicle on the mechanic shop lift.
  • They inspect the vehicle and fetch a vehicle health-part-damage-report.
  • Each health-part, such as clutch, transmission, drive shaft etc., has a value from 0.0-10.0, where 0.0 is totally broken and 10.0 is perfect condition.
  • After inspection, mechanic can repair specific parts up to a specific value from 0.0-10.0. Each 1.0 value/level costs x amount of materials (all configurable in config).
  • When repairs are done, vehicle can be taken down from the lift again.

Vehicle Collision/Health:

  • Integrated a damage snippet, that sets engine health to 0-200 upon crashes.
  • Random chances to slash 1-4 of the vehicle’s tires.
  • Random chances to degrade health values of vehicle health parts, such as radiator, brakes, electronics etc.
  • Each health part has an effect upon driving. When value is below x amount (configurable), it triggers different malfunctions in the vehicle. For electronics, lights will go on/off, radio stations with switch. For brakes, the brake will suddenly kick in. For Drive-Shaft, the steering will suddenly to turn to one side.
  • These malfunctions happen only when health value is below specific amount and varies for configurable amount of time.

NPC Repair Jobs:

  • Mechanics can carry out NPC jobs while no activity in their shop.
  • They drive out to a position, repair the vehicle, collect the cash and move on.
  • Possibility to cancel the job.
  • Everything from position, to vehicle, to rewards are configurable.

Mechanic Action Menu:

  • Integrated an action menu for mechanics.
  • This is an essential part of their work, which contains different functions.
  • In here mechanics can also manage billings and use prop-emotes with toolbox, engine hoists etc.


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