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Madam Nazar (New Shop)
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Madam Nazar (New Shop)



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Madam Nazar (New Shop)

Madam Nazar is a woman who’d love to get special collections (You can create your own collection in the Config), and rare items, and if you sell her one of the collection she gives your lower amount of money compared of if you gave her the full collection, you get more, and in Red Dead Online, she moves from place to another around the map, and Since our resource is based on her in Red Dead online, We created a Random Spawn system (You can add as much as you want of X Y Z), Beside the items that will be collected also have random spawn each restart and each item has it’s own hint message, that will be auto generated on your Discord server.. Now let’s list the full features..



1. Random Spawn for Madam Nazar (Add as much X Y Z as you want).

2. Random Spawn for Madam Nazar’s items (Add as much X Y Z as you want).

3. Ability to change Madam Nazar name and car, and her car’s plate.

4. Ability to add more collections of many items as you want.

5. Each item of your collection has it’s own hint message that will be prinited in your discord via Discord Webhook.

6. Custom HTML UI for selling process

7. You can translate the resource with the language you want. (Every language that GTA accept their characters, e.g. Arabic not supported).

8. Ability to change Ped hash.

9. Ability to Disable/Enable Discord webhook.

10. Support ESX Weight and Limit System!


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