License Enforcement System


License Enforcement System
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The thought behind this is that players can not operate vehicles without a valid license and forces them that way to take a test/roleplay to get their license. Especially on our own server, where we didn’t want new people coming in and instantly flying civilian vehicles all over the place without any roleplay. Players will not be able to start the vehicle type the license is required for without the license! Features: Ability to force players to have a license in order to use configured vehicles. Configuration allows the enforcement of car, helicopter, boat, and plane licenses. Configurable to be enforced or ignored. Optimized, 0.01 – 0.02 msec Tested and used in combination with esx_license. Customizability Code is not obfuscated and can be modified. User-friendly configuration file Works perfectly fine without esx_license, as long as license type and identifier are saved somewhere in your database

License Enforcement System

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