Horse Racing System V1



* Real Racing – The horses once spawned and finish saluting, cause you know, it’s a thing, will begin racing around the track. The straight aways are where the horses really kick into high gear, as the corners can get a bit tricky since they all want to be as close to the railing (inside track) as possible.

* Configurable Job check – If you want only a certain job to be able to Name the horses/Start a race just enable it via the config. Easy! Omg! Wow! Fantastic

* Name The Horses! – Yep, name the horses whatever the hell you want, because reasons.

* Bet On The Horses – You can place Bets on the horses (which is why we need the names, duh!). You can change the bet amount & how much it pays out if you win via the Config. (Shared.lua)

* Completely up to chance – Which horse wins is all up to some RNG, every 1.5 seconds the speed of the horse is changed (via overriding max movement speed). Because of this, those who did NOT start the race may see the horses lagging a bit.

* Spectate Your Horse – While this is included, It’s commented out until I can flesh out a little bug that was causing the horses to lose their task. Use at your own risk. Spectating after the horses hit the first checkpoint (Half way across the map) works 100%. But before that, it’s 40/60 if it’ll stop the horses from running.

You can VERY EASILY remove bt-target you just need to set up your own way of interacting with the betting menu.

Horse Racing System V1
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Horse Racing System V1

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