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Dealership MLO V1
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Dealership MLO V1


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Dealership MLO V1

⦍Explain⦐ : A custom car dealer script with countless of features to enhance roleplay when in the car dealer! Car Dealer Job: – Boss has access to a boss-menu. – Boss can recruit, fire or manage employees. – Boss can withdraw/deposit money from Car Dealer Account.
Financing: – Buy vehicles on financing. – Configurable time for each repayment. – Configurable interest rate for financing. – Configurable min/max downpayment. – Configurable repayment factor of the financing amount. – If not repayment is paid in time, vehicle will be repossessed. – Configurable last warning chance timer to pay repayment. – Enable/disable down payments added to car-dealer account.
Stock System: – Configurable stock amount for each vehicle. – Stock amount decrease on player purchase. – Stock amount increase on vehicle sale or repossession. Registration Paper: – Each purchased vehicle receives a registration paper. – Edit .psd template and/or .css file to personalize the reg. paper. – View reg. paper. – Show reg. paper to closest player, e.g. police officer. – Give reg. paper to closest player (give away the vehice completely, e.g. sale between players). Display Vehicles: – Nice 3D text for each display vehicles, showing info. – Synced between all players. – Dealers can test-drive display vehicles for customers. – Dealers can adjust commission & down payment. – Dealers can replace all display vehicles.

Dealership MLO V1


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2 reviews for Dealership MLO V1

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  2. kayleenkay (verified owner)

    The script is worked on esx server

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