Control Your FiveM Server with Discord [Bot][Standalone]


Control Your FiveM Server with Discord [Bot][Standalone]
Control Your FiveM Server with Discord [Bot][Standalone] $20.00 $13.00

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Control Your FiveM Server with Discord

Features Easy to use and configure just put the bot token in the config and run the script you are good to go! (Will need to do a bit of configuration on the custom commands) 0 RESMON! This bot has native commands which work on all the frameworks and there are some framework exclusive commands for different frameworks which can be configured and converted with very basic commands! With so many commands the server will take 0 load and will run with ease Nothing will be obfuscated and everything can be changed according to your requirements Many new collective commands are added so that the dependency of in game admins are totally removed now to have a preview for the new commands the preview video and screenshot of the commands are given! Like the last time this will be limited in stock so get it soon! The bot has been tested on a 300 members server it has 0 bugs certified 24/7 Support will be given at any instance! – It is a very Framework Friendly script! We made this script around 2 years ago it has been updated more than 50 times now and was always been used in our server since then we have sold it to huge servers and at that time we didnt take any inspiration from anyone nor any reference, we didnt get influenced by anyone on this scripts everything was coded from scratch and edited and updated! The best part is its an one time investment script the buyers will get the updated version for free no matter how huge or expensive the updated version will be sold for and full support will be given! DEV OPTIONS added with stopping and starting of scripts! Get to know the players info without checking each and every minor logs! -Now it is role based the powers will be divided according to the roles Now its more easier to add new commands just a event and a bit of coding knowledge you guys can create a custom event or command yourself

Control Your FiveM Server with Discord

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FiveM Store: The #1 FiveM Mod Shop | FiveM Shop
FiveM Store: The #1 FiveM Mod Shop | FiveM Shop
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