Ambulance Job System V2 [Standalone]


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Ambulance Job System V2 [Standalone]
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* Death Animation – When you are “Dead” you will be “revived” and placed into an animation until you are revived. Your animation will be reset every 30 seconds to keep your position as accurate as possible so no more not being able to find dead people.
— When inside of a vehicle, your Animation will change to that of someone sitting slumped over.

* Death Cause/Check Pulse – Doing /checkpulse will reveal someones cause of death so you can treat them. TREATING THEM IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE:
–Reviving a Gunshot victim without treatment will cause them to spawn with ONLY 50% HP
–Reviving a Stab/Melee victim without treatment will cause them to spawn with ONLY 60% HP
–Reviving a Burn/Exlposion victim without treatment will cause them to spawn with ONLY 80% HP

* Medical Bag – Every EMS (And probably Police when no ems are around) should be kitted with a Medical Bag. When using the medbag, it will be held in your hand. Hit E to drop it onto the ground where it can be interacted with. Inside the medical bag you’ll find a lot of different items.
— Suturekit : Used to treat Melee/Stab Wounds.
— Tweezers : Used to extract bullets from bullet wounds.
— Burn Cream : Used to treat Burns.
— Sedatitve : Used to sedate uncooperate/highly wounded individuals. Will render them unconscious/unable to move for 30 seconds.
— Stretcher : Used to transport patients from the ground to the ambulance/hospital beds.
— Defibrillator : Used to revive patients/restart their heart.

Important Note – EVERYONE Can use a Defibrillator, BUT! Only Police/EMS Will have a 100% Success rate using it. If a non ems/police try and use it, they have a 15-20% chance of success, and the item will be used whether they succeed or not.

Body Bags – For people who are permaing, you can /bodybag to bag up their bodies. They can be carried or escorted just like a normal person. Thanks to @BTNGaming for this.

* The Stretcher – As stated above, the stretcher is used to transport individuals to the ambulance/to the hospital.
– Keybinds aren’t set up for this, but can easily be done, so for now you’ll have to use commands.
— /putonstretcher : Self explanatory, will put a DOWNED INDIVIDUAL onto a stretcher
— /putiv : Will transfer an individual on a stretcher into a vehicle
— /takeout : Will take out an individual from a vehicle and place them back onto a stretcher for transport.
— /delstretcher : Will remove the closest stretcher to you.

Nancy Check In – When EMS are Busy, people can check in at Nancy who will transport you to a bed for treatment. YOU CAN CHECK IN WHILE DEAD to get revived, but nancy WILL NOT TREAT YOUR WOUNDS.

Bed Check In – For those that are not “Dead”, You can walk right up to a bed and lay down for treatment.

Grandma/Illegal Revive – For those who desire it, you can also allow people (Criminals) to revive via Grandma. You can set her coords anywhere you want via the Config.

Wheelchair – I forgot to show it in the video, but you can use WHEELCHAIRS as well. They are set up as Items and when used, puts you in a wheelchair. Using the item again will pick up the wheelchair. Cannot pick it up while other people are using it. IT IS AN ACTUAL VEHICLE, not a prop.

Ambulance Job System V2

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