Police MDT System V7 [Mobile Data Terminal]


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Police MDT System V7 [Mobile Data Terminal]

Police MDT V7 Features

Status change: on shift, on call, busy, off shift. List of police officers List of wanted people and cars Creating and joining a patrol with another officer List of active calls The ability to take a call, get a route to it. Changing call status: unknown, normal, threat, danger, under control List of players with their data: name, last name, phone number, date of birth, photo Player status changes: normal, wanted, arrested, in jail, special, dead Displaying the list of vehicles and violations at the player Writing and removing penalties from a player The list for penalties is loaded from the list of laws List of cars with data: owner, vehicle name, vehicle number, photo Vehicle status management: destroyed, standard, wanted, arrested, stolen, special State laws 10-codes Management for the leader: edit ranks, call signs, dismissal of the player Each section has a convenient search for all parameters Panic button Tablet animation when you open CAD with our Police MDT V7 script.

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Police MDT System V7

Police MDT System V7 [Mobile Data Terminal] | FiveM Store


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