Police MDT System V11 [Mobile Data Terminal][VRP][ESX]


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Police MDT System V11

Features: – HOME: The home page will show a card for each page there is, with text and a button at the buttom which makes it change to that page. A list of the employees, showing their name, position, badgenumber and duty status. – CRIMINAL RECORD: Search for the citizens name or phonenumber, and get information about the selected citizen. You will be able to change the citizens image, create charges, view existing charges, sentence/fine them, create warrants, mark them as a wanted person, write a note or get a list of their licenses and remove them if needed. – SEARCH VEHICLES: Search up vehicle plates, and get the information about the selected vehicle. You will be able to change the vehicles image, create a warrant or mark it as stolen. – WARRANTS: Watch all warrants that has been created on citizens and vehicles. Information about the warrant will be shown, etc. which person, vehicle, plate and so on. You can click on the more information button and watch details about the warrant (title & message) or delete it. – DISPATCH: Citizens are able to make a dispatch call to the police, where it’s possible for the police to respond to it. The police is able to see the name of caller, the message, where he is and time of creation. Police has the possibility to get a waypoint to the calls location, respond to the citizen that made the call or delete the dispatch call. – ALL LAWS: Have a list of all the fines/laws shown in the mdt, to make it easier for the one with access to know what is what. – PROFILE: As a normal user of the mdt, you will be able to see your standard information, and a list of employees as on the home page. If you are a admin of the mdt, you will be able to see a card of every employee, and change some basic information on them. You will also be able to remove them from the database, if they have been fired from the police enforcement. (edited)

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