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Phone System V15 162.66 101.67

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Phone System V15

Features: Compatible with ESX 1.2 (1.1 not tested) Compatible with the following voice plugins: Saltychat TokoVOIP MumbleVOIP Low CPU usage Clean animations No performance issues No exploits Contacts Edit your existing contacts Delete your contacts Set & remove contacts as favourite Share your contacts to your nearest player Call or message them directly within the contact page Notes Create your notes Edit your notes Delete notes Settings Turn on/off your sounds Change your background Change your lockscreen Health Your steps are being counted and saved each night at 00:00 into the database Statistic page Emergency Calls Send a emergency call to any job you want (Selectable in the database) Set a waypoint to the dispatch or delete them if you’re done Calls Call anyone you want to Messages Write a message to one of your contacts or someone you dont have as a contact Marketplace App Add anything you want Delete your own posts Wallet App Show your current balance Transfer money to other players (even if they’re not online) Camera App Radio App Supports each Voice plugin from above Join / Leave Radio channel Restricted radio channel (for jobs)


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