Pet System V6 [Advanced Pet][Pet Levels]


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Pet System V6 [Advanced Pet][Pet Levels] | FiveM Store
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1) When you adopt your pet, you can decide how fast it will get hungry/thirsty or how you want it to be in terms of gender, age, etc. 2) As your pet grows older, the commands it can execute can be unlocked (you can do this through configuration or create a command yourself and set the age) 3) The aging of your pet is time-dependent (at your discretion) 4) You can change the appearance and name of your pet on the card as you wish. 5) You can tie a string to your pet and make it listen to you when it is not listening to you 6) After a certain level (determined by you) you can make certain pets attack a person etc. (depending on the relationship between you) 7) Pets will automatically spawn in the last position when the server is started, if they have 0 health they will spawn dead and if you turn on “PermantlyDie” in Config, your pet will unfortunately disappear as soon as it dies. 8) In short, everything is in your hands, you can organize it as you wish, you can spend time with your close friend who will be as you wish

Pet System V6

Pet System V6 [Advanced Pet][Pet Levels] | FiveM Store
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