Pacific Bank Robbery V6 [PRO][FULL][Standalone]


Pacific Bank Robbery V6 [PRO][FULL][Standalone]
Pacific Bank Robbery V6 [PRO][FULL][Standalone] 41.09 31.96

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Pacific Bank Robbery V6 Pacific Bank Robbery V6 Pacific Bank Robbery V6 Pacific Bank Robbery V6


  • Server Synchronization: The main core function of this resource is the fact that everything is SERVER SYNCHRONIZED. When we use this term we mean that all animations, peds, particles, explosions, sound effects, and props are synchronized perfectly an all clients of the server. This is kind of a tough task as we spawn peds LOCALLY because of the polyzones. Also server sync lets us keep track all the states of the peds, stealables, doors, etc.. Even if you relog you will see that everything does not reset and moves on how it was.
  • Ped Handler: Our bank robbery script comes with a ped handler trigger event. We are spawning 8 peds while you are inside the PolyZone, and every ped is unique, with different animations and feelings. This ped give the sense of being inside a real life scenario in a bank while having peds talking on the phone, waiting in a queue and panicking when the robbery starts.
  • Security Guards: At the moment the bank has 2 security guards protecting the place. These security guards spawn with the weapons listed inside the config (you can randomise them) and will start shooting at you when you attempt to rob the bank.
  • Standalone Doorlocks: All of our doorlocks are being handler through the script itself, we have wrote that code from scratch and you are able to have jobs being able to unlock/lock those doors, while normal people to destroy them by lockpicking or using thermite charges on them.
  • Distance Based Alarm: The alarm itself goes off when the robbery occurs, it is a distance based alarm so the further away you are the lower the volume will be. It does go off and never stops until someone goes and shuts it down through the button next to the reception.
  • Door Breaching: You are able to destroy the doors by a lockpicking minigame or thermite charges as listed above. The thermite charge is an animation synced on all clients (particles also) and when getting close to the particles your ped will start covering his eye from the excessive sparks.
  • Panel Hacking: We give you the option to use panel hacking, when you use panel hacking you have to go through a minigame (relatively hard) to hack the main vault door downstairs. You have unlimited attempts but it takes quite some time to breach it. If you do breach it the door will slowly slowly open up. Also, panel hacking DOES NOT trigger the banks lasers.
  • Bomb Planting: We are also having a second option for breaching the vault, bomb planting. Planting is pretty much straight forward, a big bomb, big explosion and the vault door itself will just break into pieces. If you do use this option as a player then lasers will be activated.
  • Lasers: The bank has lasers which are activated ONLY when you go ahead and bomb the vault door. There 4 lasers and they have 9 different points. They move randomly, they have a random wait time, in fact a random speed multiplier as well. If you touch the lasers then your ped will be set on fire and ragdoll from it.
  • Stealables: The base script itself gives you the option to rob 2 different safes that are in different rooms, 10 lockers rooms which are inside the vault, and lastly 3 cash trolleys.
  • Exploit Prevention: We did take a sweet time to develop this resource and we included protection from people who want to either trigger an event to get money or try to exploit by trying to press at the same time the stealable. If someone does attempt this then he will instantly be dropped by the server with an explanation on the exploit. You can also add your own ban future into that.
  • Bank Reset For Cops: Policemen are able to reset the bank after by going downstairs and pushing the button, this will teleport everyone inside the bank outside and will reset it completely.
  • Fully Customizable Config: Just from the config alone you can change anything without the need of any advanced coding skills. All the stealables are changeable in terms of prices, all buttons are changeable, language itself is changeable and lastly  peds and animations are also changeable through the hefty config.

Pacific Bank Robbery V6

Pacific Bank Robbery V6 [PRO][FULL][Standalone]


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