House System V11 [Smart House][Standalone]


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100% Open Source Unlimited Apartment Support Manage from your smart phones. House maps are custom made – (low-medium-high) comes with your purchase. You don’t need to buy! You can change houses unfurnished or furnished. Supports all IPL houses & Prop based Houses! You can add your own maps and GTA’s IPLs as an extra. It contains a web server. This is necessary for the smart home system. It can be closed easily. Completely redesigned garage design. You can place the probes you want. Purchasable alarm system Thieves can break into and rob homes. (Coming Soon)

  • Easy Config Customize
  • Full optimized – Sync with all players
  • Clean & Futuristic UI
  • Editable house rating (max-star 5)
  • Mysql-async and oxmysql compatible
  • Players can own multiple houses
  • Friends system (You can use your house with friends)
  • Using GTA5 Bucket system
  • Stash (You can adapt it to your own inventory)
  • Adjustable garage size (max-size 10)
  • Feature to change the interior of the house
  • Feature to change the name of the house
  • Feature to change the table images of the house (will works on some themes)

Garage system Compatible with all garage systems. As soon as this garage system communicates with an extra garage system, your vehicles will be stored in the house system. Stash adaptation: It will be enough to just paste the stash command of the inventory you use into the relevant section in the config.

House System V11

House System V11 [Smart House][Standalone] | FiveM Store
House System V11 [Smart House][Standalone] | FiveM Store
House System V11 [Smart House][Standalone] | FiveM StoreHouse System V11
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