House Robbery System V3 [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]


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House Robbery System V3 House Robbery System House Robbery System

So lets dive right into the House Robbery System V3 script. It’s pretty easy to edit, most things you can do straight in the config (shared.lua) The script uses mythic_interior to create housing shells, so no need to add a ton of different ymaps or even use instancing. The NPCS – Both the Start Job NPC & The Seller can easily be moved to different locations via the config. Both of them ONLY SPAWN locally when you are nearby the location, and will delete when out of range to help keep waste down and prevent crashes. Houses – If two people get the same house, they WILL see each other in that house. Because of using mythic_interiors, if the police pull up to a house with sirens on, the people inside the house WILL HEAR the sirens. The houses are only located -50 Z below. Robbing – Add as much loot as you’d like in the config. By default, it includes six locations per house to rob. Of those 6 locations, three of them will randomly choose between two different locations, for a total of 9 different lootable locations (But only 6 per house). You can only hit each location ONE time, spamming while trying to rob or using it after robbing it will give you the message that “There is nothing here”. If you move too fast inside the house, you will trigger the “Silent Alarm” that will notify the police of a robbery (It includes a text notification & a blip that will last for 60 seconds). Included is an example of a stealable prop, A TV. It will currently only spawn on top of the dining table, but it’s easy to change the location, the prop, and add as many as you want as long as you can copy/paste code. If it scuffs, you can type /dropProp to remove the prop from your hands, but it also removes the item as well. Starting the “Job” – To begin the job, you have to wait until after midnight and before 7 AM to take a ‘job’. It will randomly choose between however many houses you have in your config. Currently included is about 15-20 locations in Grove & Mirror Park, but you can add hundreds of houses, anywhere. Entering/Leaving –  To enter the house, you’ll need a lockpick item. If you already have one, remove the register event in the server.lua and add the trigger for the client even to your own lockpick item. Once you leave a house, you WILL NOT be able to re-enter the house. When you leave a house, the shell (House) and all of the objects that spawn in it are deleted. To leave a house, simple walk to the door and hit your Alt-Key and click leave. Selling – By default, only one seller location is added but you can easily copy/paste the code to add multiples.

All selling at fivem store happens automatically after interacting with the NPC, easily editable in the Config.lua. It currently includes 6 Sellable items. Planned Features – Different housing shells (Michaels House, Franklins, etc.)  More props added by default. (Currently only supports a TV, but you can easily add anything of your own). Cannot rob with no cops online – Simple thing to do, and I can provide you with the code but I’m too lazy to update the script with it atm. Currently on OneSync the TV’s are only spawned client side,They will see you in the Animation but no TV. I will update this before all the above so EVERYONE sees when you’re carrying a TV.

House Robbery System V3

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