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It’s the script all of you wanted and didn’t even know! That’s right, the title wasn’t a joke. This Hobo Life scripts main purpose is to give your RPers who enjoy being… homeless… a little more to do. The script actually includes quite a bit, so sit down and buckle up and lets get to it. Search Dumpsters (and any trash recepticle) – You can search Hobo Life and find items, only able to search a single time, trying to do it more then once will result in the Nothing Here message.

Add any items you want to it via the Config. Interactable Homeless Carts – Push/Take your home where you go! Push around the cart and interact with it to grab a Sign, Bed, and a Chair to sit on. All three of them are interactable. – Place the Bed/Chair down anywhere, and Sit/lay on YOUR Terms! Nobody can keep you down, except you. Will despawn on their own in 2 minutes to prevent clutter. – Use the Sign to attract Locals Hobo Life to give you whatever you set up in the config. (Money, Items, or Nothing at all.) If the local is close by, he will either give you things, or attack you for being… homeless… (I know, they rude as eff.) Collect from Players –

Hobo Tough Life

Hobo Life Place down an Interact-able Bucket in which players can donate money to you, in $5 Increments (You can easily change this). Only the person who placed down the bucket can take the money out, and it will despawn on it’s own in 4 minutes time. Unleash the RATS! –

Use your PET RAT!!! to help you scavenge for food, call him up with your handy dandy Rat Piccolo whenever you are in need Includes super awesome amazing whistle sound!. Set up what your rat can find via the Config. (Also has a chance of finding nothing). He will follow you around wherever you go, and is super loyal, cuddly, and dangerous! (Cause he’s a fking Rat, m8) Collect Trash –

Interact with another type of cart *Typically found where everyone sets up their trash Jobs, to go and collect trash out of specific Bins. You can carry one in hand and one in the cart, and then take them down to the Junkyard/Recycling Yard to turn them in for money. Gamble! – Thats right, Hobo Life gamble away all of your earnings with a simple guessing game. Can you beat old Hangry Hank? Probably Not, I swear he cheats. But if you can, you can double your bets!

Hobo Life Homeless Roleplay System

Hobo Life Homeless Roleplay System | FiveM Store Hobo Life Homeless Roleplay System


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