Gas Station System V6 [Refuel Pump Nozzles][Fuel System][Standalone]



This script allows you to have a realistic Refueling Pump Nozzle system with many realistic features that work on all vehicles with no prior configurations. Features Uses LegacyFuel Base Supports Gas Cans Works On All Gas Pumps Supports Cables To Give A Realistic Look Perfectly Synced Cool 3D Status Messages.

Works On All Vehicles The Fuel Tank Cap Can Be On Both Sides(Left And Right) Rope Length Is Changeable Rope Breaks And Explodes The Tank If Expanded Beyond Max Length(Can Be Disabled) Supports Locales Realistic Fuel Spray (Controlled By The Player )If The Nozzle Is Detached (Also Synced) Well Optimized Nozzle Placing/Mounting/Unmounting Sounds Nozzle Stays In Place When The Cable Breaks (Gives A Realistic Feeling) And Much More… Standalone And ESX Script One sync Compatible

(6 customer reviews)
Gas Station System V6 [Refuel Pump Nozzles]
Gas Station System V6 [Refuel Pump Nozzles][Fuel System][Standalone] $30.00 $18.00

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Gas Station System V6

Gas Station System V6 [Refuel Pump Nozzles]
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6 reviews for Gas Station System V6 [Refuel Pump Nozzles][Fuel System][Standalone]

  1. Lee

    big system i’m running esx

  2. Jeremiah

    good resmon

  3. Carmelo

    our team is bought this and it is very good

  4. Florine

    optimized stations, good

  5. Lashay

    fine +rep

  6. Randy

    really good script for rp

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