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Here’s my take on Kagarasan map. I always liked the map, but always hated it’s looks straight up from early 00s. So I decide to completely rebuild it from the scratch. Placements are roughly the same, but there’s not a single polygon or texture left from the original. Everything was remade from the scratch.

This includes: LODs GTA V trees (only scarcely) and other props Distant LOD lights 2K parallax textures (only selected models and for High texture settings) A lot of instanced grass (you might want to lower your Grass setting to normal (which is lowest) to avoid drastic FPS loss) 2 placements available upon purchase. No. 1 is placed in original area, west side of LS harbour. No. 2 is placed north side, about 9000 GTA units away. Unlike the original, the additional backroad was added, beginning from the tunnel on the top going all the way to the beginning by the other side of the mountain I tried to look up the original creator dating all the way back to GTA:SA years, but I have a suspicion it didn’t start there either. I’m also unaware if it’s even a real location or a fictional one. If anyone could fill this gap for me, I would be glad. So for now, I tried to breath in this kind of a “European forest” look to it. To various degree. This is my second map project (first one is private Japan for my FiveM server), so I still learn as I go. This version is tagged as 1.0, with possibility of another update over time when I’ll learn more tricks and improvements along the way. File Size : 280MB


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