Sell Drug System V5 [Advanced]


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Sell Drug System V5 [Advanced]
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Totally optimized script, Easy to set up, Open code (1000 lines of code), 2 types of Selling Drugs – wholesale and singly, The job is based on the interaction with NPC, No IP-Lock, CONFIG: VehiclePrice – Cost of taking vehicle from Dealer, CustomersFindPrice – Cost of finding Customers from a Dealer, WholesaleVehicle – Vehicle we are selling to wholesale, MinWholesaleCount – Minimum amount of drugs to start wholesale, RequiredCops – Required number of cops to start an Order from Dealer, CopsRefreshTime – Time in which the number of cops is refreshed, ScenarioSellChance – Possible to set percentages for a given scenario, Drugs – Possible to set the name of the drugs, as well as wholesale and single price, Locations – Possible to add/edit Locations, Texts – Possible to add/edit random Text, Peds – Possible to customize the NPC

Sell Drug System V5

Sell Drug System V5 [Advanced]
Sell Drug System V5 [Advanced]
Sell Drug System V5 [Advanced]
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4 reviews for Sell Drug System V5 [Advanced]

  1. Floppy

    Big and hard drug system, i test it on esx, thanks

  2. Brian Shields (verified owner)

    Its working for me

  3. Brian Shields (verified owner)

    Its working for me, recommended

  4. Maciej Jedliński


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