Rescue Cushion System


Rescue Cushion System
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Rescue Cushion System

This premium resource is a great addition to any roleplay server, adding a realistic rescue cushion system for firefighters. This enables them to safely and efficiently rescue a person by means of jumping, into an inflatable cushion which prevents them from taking fall damage, or ragdolling on the way down.

This resource ultimately enhances realism and sets your fire department apart from other servers.

The resource is fully configurable, allowing for ace permissions and translations to other languages. We’ve also included a custom prop, made by one of our 3D Modellers.


/rescuecushion setup – This will setup a rescue cushion in front of you and sync it with all players.
/rescuecushion remove – This will remove the nearest rescue cushion. The resource is synced meaning that another firefighter with permission can remove a rescue cushion that they didn’t create.
The resource works by firstly recognising when a person is nearby a rescue cushion. Then, if it detects them jumping above it, it will disable their free fall ragdoll, meaning they’ll fall in a straight line. Falling in a straight line will make it easier for them to land on it and ultimately enhance the roleplay and realism on a scene.

Once the player lands, the resource will stop them from losing health and ragdoll them once they hit the rescue cushion. The duration of the ragdoll is configurable in the config.

This resource works with non-OneSync, OneSync and OneSync Infinity, meaning it is fully compatible. The syncing means that even if a player joins after a rescue cushion has been created, they are still able to use it.

Full Features:

Setup and remove a rescue cushion – Sometimes there is no option for a person but to jump. This ensures that the roleplay can continue without injury, getting the person down as safely as possible.

Enhance Realism – This resource is one more bit of kit for your fire department, enhancing their overall roleplay experience and realism on scene.

Custom Model – This resource includes a high quality, custom model created by one of our 3D Modellers. The model was created exclusively to be sold with this script and this makes it unique.

Highly Configurable – The resource is highly configurable, you can change everything such as the duration of ragdoll and the cooldown time before a player is able to land on another rescue cushion. You can even edit the translations section to convert the resource to another language.


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