Qbus Drugs System V3 [Key Labs][Money Wash][Gun Crafting]


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Qbus Drugs System V3 [Key Labs][Money Wash][Gun Crafting]
Qbus Drugs System V3 [Key Labs][Money Wash][Gun Crafting] $35.00 $20.00

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Five key-based labs made for QBCore. Give these assets to the gangs in your servers and let them control it. However if they lose their keys they will lose their control! Uses the bob74_ipl, comes with extensive logging for moderation. These labs will be the heart of your economy. Durations and ingredients are highly customizable. Everything is server synced and logic is run on the server-side and saved in database upon server restarts. 1: Druglabs (Coke, Meth, Weed): Gangs that control these labs need the correct key to enter the lab. Once inside they require ingredients (ecgonine, methylamine and plant nutrition for coke, meth and weed) after running the process players receive a batch or brick of drugs. These large packs are easy to distribute and sell to the rest of the players on your server. Script uses normal distribution to calculate purity for given parameters 2: Weaponbunkerunder Mt. Chilliad is a large bunker where guncrafters can craft weapons. Materials are used to craft weapons and ammo. In the config files you can quickly edit the materials and quantities required. Stash is included. 3: Moneywash:After a succesful bankrobbery, players need to wash their inked money. They hand over their bags of inked money to the group that controls the moneywash.

Qbus Drugs System V3

5 reviews for Qbus Drugs System V3 [Key Labs][Money Wash][Gun Crafting]

  1. Wallace


  2. Natisha

    working helpful

  3. Kent

    great script 😉

  4. Michal

    i was cant install it, but i contacted support and he is installed for me thanks

  5. Loyd

    very happy thanks

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