Decontamination Tent System


Decontamination Tent System
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Decontamination Tent System

This premium resource is a great addition to any roleplay server, adding a realistic decontamination tent and shower system to high risk scenes often involving chemicals. This enhances realism and allows you to take roleplay to the next level. Your hazmat team will have the next level technology with this resource.

The resource allows you to easily setup a decontamination sent and then toggle the showers on/off with the click of a button. The resource is fully synced meaning all players can see and use the showers.

This resource includes a custom prop created by one of our 3D Modellers. We’d like to thank H.Ash for working with us on this release.


/decontent setup – This sets up a decontamination tent in front of you.

To toggle the showers, walk close to a decontamination tent and press E. This is also shown on-screen with a help message. The maximum distance to toggle the showers can be set in the configuration file, along with the keybind.

/decontent remove – This removes the nearest decontamination tent, even if you didn’t create it. You cannot remove a decontamination tent if the showers are active. These must be turned off first.

Full Features:

Enhanced Realism – These are used in real life by police, fire and ambulance, who all have their own divisions for handling chemicals and working in high risk, dangerous situations where contamination may be involved.

Easily toggle showers – You can easily toggle the showers on/off with the click of a button. This means you won’t have to delete the whole tent to turn off the showers, improving roleplay on scene.

Fully Synced – Our resource works on both OneSync, OneSync Infinity and Non-OneSync.

Custom Models – Our 3D Modelling team made these exclusively for sale with this resource.


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