ESX RolePlay Server V2 [Updated+][Optimization][V7]


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ESX RolePlay Server V2 [Updated+][Optimization][V7] | FiveM Store
ESX RolePlay Server V2 [Updated+][Optimization][V7] 5,518.75 4,304.63

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Mode : New ESX / Super ESX

Scripts : All Custom / Very Optimized / Private FiveM-Store / Custom Edition / Not Free

Maps : VIP / Optimized / Private FiveM-Store

High FPS / High Quality Performance / +100 FPS / HARD RP

  • Whitelisted Jobs

  • Crafting

  • ESX Server

  • Anti Cheat

  • Delivery Missions

  • Multiple Characters

  • Police Job with Premium Station & Vehicles

  • Radial Wheel Quick Controls

  • Drag & Drop Optimized Inventory

  • Mechanic Job

  • EMS Job

  • Car Dealership Businesses

  • Drugs & Zones

  • Gangs

  • Custom Maps

  • Custom Cars

  • All Mods From This Site

  • And Much More!

  • 3 Update on This Server (Video)

ESX RolePlay Server V2

ESX RolePlay Server V2 [Updated+][Optimization][V7] | FiveM Store
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30 reviews for ESX RolePlay Server V2 [Updated+][Optimization][V7]

  1. Sawyer Marlikowski (verified owner)

    good package for roleplay

  2. klaus

    Hello I would like to buy the server and I was wondering if we can put the servers in French?
    Is your server a resource folder and a server.cfg then an sql?
    because I rent a server and I want to put it on
    thank you good day

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hello dear, yes its fully server(pre-made with sql), its fully optimized! for 150+ players, yes it has french language!

  3. Moneymarshall2.0

    Does this come ready to go or do I have to add each script ? And can I use this on zap hosting ? Please answer very interested in purchasing

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Yes dear its pre-made and fully!
      Yes also works on every hosts

  4. CHRIS SWORD (verified owner)

    Very Thanks!

  5. Alex Garn (verified owner)

    good optimizing for package nice

  6. edrof inc (verified owner)

    Its good for role play server

  7. Fox

    This is good server pack i would recomending buying this

  8. Mark S Jensen (verified owner)

    Nice server, it is really good. And the support is really nice. I love that guy, he is the best a the best!

  9. Zachary Freeman

    Thank you!!!

  10. Zachary Freeman

    It is optimized package i like it too, thanks

  11. DD1

    hello does this server have dutch language also ?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hello dear, yes

  12. Dobrica

    Do we get all that is shown in the video.

    weapons, clothes, jobs ….

    is it ready to use? we just add files to our host. And boom?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Yes dear, it is fully!

  13. Brian Shields

    HEL{P I dont know which one to buy first ESX NoPixel RolePlay Server V2 or ESX RolePlay Server V2 [Updated+]

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Dear, are these servers is good

  14. Denis

    I want also to buy, but I have some questions, gangs can be created only by staff? I hope yes, Can I set gang garage and house? , Can I set no npc?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Dear, yes you can create gang with /crgang, yes you can set easily with sql, yes you can set no npc

  15. jason

    Hello, i just bought this support helped me for install on my vps thanks

  16. sanntygaming (verified owner)

    Very good customer service!

  17. JJIN4K (verified owner)

    Well I Just Bought It ! Thanks

  18. Don K Woods

    Great package for a big roleplay community, thanks

  19. dajwe

    Best optimizing server for 90+ players thank you!!!!!

  20. alex

    Is the language English ?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Hey dear thanks for contacting us!, yes, English and mostly languages!

  21. Dragan


  22. antoniopaladin (verified owner)

    Good server package for role play

  23. TTVChemicalrages

    okay so me and another dude bought this i ran it on my local host and its great!

  24. TTVChemicalrages

    all in all a great server

  25. ANAS NAZAR (verified owner)

    Easy installation

  26. ANAS NAZAR (verified owner)

    great server

  27. Wesley Upchurch (verified owner)

    i have receive email about updates thanks

  28. KOBRA (verified owner)

    i’m bought this, we received instantly , we setup it without any errors, recommended

  29. TURBO (verified owner)

    Hello, I wanted to ask after buying your product
    Can you help me set up the server and anticheat?

  30. Jackie

    Good server

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