Door Lock System V6



easy to setup : you can set lock on any door you want such as single doors, double doors or even gates in under 20 seconds for each door ! type of locks : you can set 2 type of locks such as normal and electric lock the easiest and newest way you don’t need to suffer anymore for creating lock on doors in a hard way such as finding the door hash, coordinates, heading, putting them on config.lua and other stuffs, you just do a few easy steps and it takes only 20 seconds or even less ! look at the pics (open in new tab to see better) just aiming at the door and everything is ready to setup ! options : setting the authorized jobs for the door door type (if it is gate or not) pin code (making digital lock system for the door that requires code to get open) you can choose the door is unlockable or not (if not nobody can lockpick or hack it) set the door locked already or let it be open size of the icon and text on the door distance for opening and closing the door working with database you can add or delete locks without restarting the script because it works dynamically and stores in database instead of the old way like using config.lua for setting up the doors breaking the doors the doors can be break by lockpicking and hacking there are 3 type of doors : normal doors (can be lockpicked) digital doors that have a pin code (can be hacked) electric doors such as gates (can be hacked) alarm system when a player starts to hack a door alarm will trigger to the job you have set for security that by default is police features : the whole script is open source easy to setup for any type of door under 20 seconds ! easy to delete the lock on the door you have set in 5 seconds ! you have a lot options for lock system that you are making for the door doors can be break by lockpick and hacking (depends on the door type) you can set pin code for special doors you can set the door becomes unbreakable (cannot be hacked or lockpicked) you set lockpick timer and chance of success you can set the alarm for hacking the doors and the job that is gets the alarm optimized at least 0.05 – 0.10 ms less than normal esx doorlock doors will store in database instead of config.lua that requires restarting the script every setup and delete can be done in real time and dynamically without restarting the script includes tutorial videos

Door Lock System V6 | FiveM Store
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Door Lock System V6

Door Lock System V6 | FiveM Store
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