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features :

– you can add as many offices as you want to make that office becomes a robbery place

– police and sheriff are the security jobs that you can choose for each office you add

– alarm will trigger to the security job that you have set for each office

– security jobs can end the robbery at the marker of the robbery

– pawnshop included

– you can add more items in pawnshop and set the prices too

– fully optimized 0.01 ms in idle and 0.02 ms when you near the markers

– full open source you can edit every part

– included guidance, sql, image and customized progressBar

Document Robbery System

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1 review for Document Robbery System

  1. Otilia

    i just see this script on here. i dont see it on tebex, tebex also is high price and encrypted.
    thank you for your store my friends.

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