New Best Chicken Job V1 [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]


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New Best Chicken Job V1 [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired] | FiveM Store
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The video above best chicken job describes it, but here it is in writing. It’s actually two jobs in one, sort of. The slaughter/process/packaging chickens 100% Depends on people Deliverying chickens to the job. No deliveries of chickens = No chickens to slaughter.

So what does my chicken job entail?

Once chickens are delivered, everyone can partake in any of the steps. One person can start a step, and another can come by and finish it. Slaughter Chickens – You will physically take chickens out of their cages, to a table and slaughter the poor little creatures. Process – Once slaughtered, you’ll transport the freshly butchered chicken to the next stop *For processing, basically turning it into paste to get ready for packaging. Packaging –

The last step of this process, is to take the chicken-paste-patties to the packaging area to package. – The second part of the Job – THE most important part. Delivery Of Chickens – Take a job via the Boss NPC Located outside the factory and goto the Farm (Will give you a Blip) and collect chickens in your work vehicle. –

Once there, the chicken job will spawn and you will have to tackle them *It’s defaulted at the E Key. * Then take the chicken and store it in your truck, get the next chicken and so on. Storing said chickens – Once you collected as many as you want, bring them back to the factory and store them one by one into the cages for people to begin the next step. Selling the Packaged Chicken – Once all is said and done and the chicken is packaged, head on over to the Lucky Pluckers (L on the Map) and sell your packaged Chicken. Whala.

New Best Chicken Job V1

New Best Chicken Job V1 [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired] | FiveM Store New Best Chicken Job V1

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