Bowling System V2 + Bowling MLO [Bt-Target][NoPixel Inspired]


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Bowling System V2 + Bowling MLO [Bt-Target][NoPixel Inspired] | FiveM Store
Bowling System V2 + Bowling MLO [Bt-Target][NoPixel Inspired] $20.00 $12.00

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Bowling System V2 + Bowling MLO

The script uses bt-target to reset the lanes & grab the balls. You can EASILY convert this to use any method you’d like (3D Text, for example) and I’ll likely release a 3D Text version later. A little walkthrough. * Walk to the lane of your choice and Alt-Menu (Cause Bt-target, duh) near the ground and choose to reset the lane. * Upon doing so, the Pins will spawn (They last for 30 seconds). Once doing so, grab the balls from the Ball Return and begin bowling! * You’ll be able to throw Two Balls (In 5 second intervals, so the first ball has time to delete so you don’t just have 100 Bowling Balls stacking up). * Once you reset the lane, you’ll be allowed to throw two more balls, rinse-repeat. * Talking to the guy at the entrance will reset your lane/score so you can start a new game. This works for any lane. It tracks your Score for the Frame, and your Total Score. Currently no frame limit, so bowl to your hearts content and keep track yourself! It was tested on a live server, with every single lane being used at the same time with no issues. Resmon sits at 0.00 to 0.01.

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