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Volley Ball – Head to the court by the pier (The one with the lower net).
– Upon entering the area, you’ll automatically be put into the game (using PolyZones, no threads)
– Once you enter, you’ll be told how to play. E to hit the ball, G to pick up the ball.
– Dominate your friends because you’re a real alpha.
– BEST PLAYED in First Person, the ball will go towards where you’re facing.
– Profit!?

Beach Props – I guess this is more the Immersive side of things here, it’s mainly just included as an extra.
– Use Props to spice up your beach experience.
– Place a Beach Towel, Umbrella, Fire, and a Gazebo to help bring the place to life. Great for parties, or for that one guy who is emo and has no friends but still wants to enjoy the beach! (We know emo people don’t goto the beach, but they don’t know that)
– Build a sand castle! I mean, who HASN’T wanted to do this!?
– STOMP on the nerds sand castles! Who the F builds sand castles, fking nerds thats who. Stomp em out.

Floatation Devices/Kayak – These are sort of among the beach props, but 10x better.
– Use a Floaty (because we all know you cant swim) and relax letting the waves take you away.
— Or, challenge yourself and head to the raging river and battle the currents to stay afloat. But between you and I, I know you can’t handle it).
– Use a Kayak to conquer the rapids, holding W will move you forward, A / D will turn you. While moving, your resmon of the script will jump from about 0.01 – 0.02 to 0.03-0.07 but won’t cause any issues. It’s ONLY while pressing the keys IN A KAYAK.

and Lasty, a JOB!

Seafood Gathering a.k.a Catching Shrimp & Crabs in cages – Pretty self explanatory infact.
– Head on down south of the military base in the shallows of the swamp and bring along a crab cage.
– Hop onto the kayak and find a good spot in the swamp to place down your trap.
— Once you use it, you’ll go through an animation and place the trap down.
— After 15 / 30 / 60 Minutes, the cage will collect crab & shrimp for you to harvest.
— Upon Harvest, you’ll get said crab / shrimp, as well as your trap back (20% chance it breaks)
– You DO NOT have to stick around and wait. You can LEAVE THE AREA, go do a robbery, other jobs, make out with your hand, ANYTHING ELSE and still come back after any amount of time to collect your harvest.
– This also uses PolyZones and once you enter the zone it’ll recreate your traps for you to target, and when you leave they’ll be cleaned up.

Beach Volleyball System V1

Beach Volleyball System V1 [Standalone] | FiveM Store

2 reviews for Beach Volleyball System V1 [Standalone]

  1. Ruth

    like a cs 1.6 mods, great!

  2. Angelo (verified owner)

    An awesome product with great flexibility. The customer support is superb. I recommend this without any doubt.

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