Banking System V9 [Advanced][Standalone]


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Banking System V9

Features: Optimized: 0.00-0.01ms when you don’t see bank markers and 0.03-0.04ms if you are near a bank marker (when the bank menu is open 0.00ms) Players can create several cards (the maximum number is set in the config) Cards have a limited service time, after this time the cards are blocked (you can withdraw money from them and remove the card) The service period is specified in the config for each card separately (lifetime) Cards have balance limits Balance limits are set for each card separately in the config When creating a card, the user is prompted to select a background The list of backgrounds is specified for each card separately Bills script is embedded in the resource (If you have previously installed esx_billing, you just need to turn it off, the bank has a built-in event that allows you to accept accounts using the old trigger) The resource has been tested on an active server for more than a month The resource has been tested in an unscrupulous community that likes to look for bugs in scripts and use cheats. A large number of vulnerabilities have been fixed. PayGate: This script allows the user to select any of their cards for payment During the payment process, the script constantly checks the payment status and any attempt to change the value or in any way bypass the system for bad purposes, the script will stop the payment process and return the status “failed” Has a limited time for payment, if in the allotted time the payment is not completed, the script will return the status “failed” Discord logs are made on a queue basis so as not to get temporary blocking from discord (edited)


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