ATM Robbery System V4 [ATM Heist][With Car]


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You can exploded the atm 2 sides by using dynamite.
You can attach the atm to the car and take it after exploded. (you need to pull out the atm from the wall)
Drilling minigame to get the cash from atm.
If the drilling failed x times (config) then the ATM disappear, robbery ended.
All the police players (can added more jobs in config) will be get notification about the robbery and location.
You need these tools to stole the atm: winch, wrench, drill and dynamite or rope if you doesn’t use winch.
You can add the cars in config which one able to pull out the atm from the wall and stole it.
Not all the cars need winch to stole the atm. Some car need only rope for it.
You can pull the atm close to the car with winch.
You can add blacklisted jobs, they can’t start the robbery (explosion) and they can’t drill.
Random rewards after successfull drilling between 2 random number.
You can set the max number of robberies at the same time (config).
This script doesn’t support the towtrucks, except attached a winch. You have to install winch object or attach rope.
2 Language available: English, Hungarian

Known bugs:

The rope invisible if someone too far from it or joined the server after attach.
Minigame stay on your screen if you die in action but you can’t finish successfully.
Sometime the rope is not attachable if you using a car without winch. If this happened you need to get out from the car and you can attach the rope. (Some car doesnt need winch to attach the rope)
The rope has no physics so it goes underground or throw other objects.
The ATM still on the same place for other player, because it’s a “mapped” object. If you are going far away from it and back again then it will visible again.

ATM Robbery System V4

ATM Robbery System V4 [ATM Heist][With Car] | FiveM Store ATM Robbery System V4


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